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A Repetitive Dilemma
Jung Sang Sub

'Jung sang sub’s first UK solo show featuring new works deal with Korean society and structure are intricate, mesmeric and delicate whilst also political and playful.'

The inherent theme for Jung Sang-Sub’s artwork is based on the notion that codification – which is voluntarily made by the members of a society, is hierarchically imposed by external forces – thus hierarchical imposition means that members of a society, since infanthood, are simply given education and environment without exercising their free will.


His work intrinsically looks at how codification reflects the emotions of society, serving as a norm and thereby the binding of life. Delicate, intricate and mesmeric, the ‘code’ series of works reflect the ways his life has been codified in the Republic of Korea society, of someone who aligns community membership with nationalistic emotions and which is also ideologically confronted with North Korea.


Instinctively, his hierarchical imposition in his art world has led to his works to portray themes of independent collectivism, hierarchy and closedness of the miliary (that he personally experienced), albeit with such delicacy of touch, beauty and spirit.


Jung sang sub lives and works in the Republic of Korea.

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