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GALLERY46 'TRIUMPH' is a reflective celebration of identity, inclusivity and belonging. London based artists Robert Montgomery, Sean Dower, Seulgi Kang and Jonathan Reding create a dynamic discourse that reinforces and disrupts our consciousness and the position of London in a transcendent relationship; a paean to all our global siblings.

The exhibition opens on July 1st with the fire poem 'Money is Superstition' by Robert Montgomery being lit in the gardens of GALLERY46


Premiere UK fire poem, an Art Night exclusive



MONEY IS A SUPERSTITION will be the first fire poem by Robert Montgomery to be shown in LONDON. His fire poems lie somewhere between performance, happening and a ritualistic ceremony, taking inspiration from ancient Celtic fire celebrations referencing the Beltane fire rituals, repositioned in a contemporary art context. He has previously exhibited them at the Gardens of Musee de Lieu, Paris, the site of the old Aeroporto di Berlino-Tempelhof and on the United Nations-controlled no-man’s land border between north and south Cyprus.


Robert Montgomery follows a tradition of conceptual art and stands out by bringing a poetic voice to the discourse of text art, creating billboard poems, light pieces, fire poems, woodcuts and watercolors. He was the British artist selected for Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2012, the first biennale in India and has had solo exhibitions at venues in Europe and Asia. The first monograph of his work was published by Distanz, Berlin in 2015.

“To encounter the work of Robert Montgomery is to make a tender encounter whose tenderness is enhanced by the public, communal quality of his work. To encounter his work is to have your body filled with a sad thunder and your head filled with a sad light. He is a complete artist and works in language, light, paper, space. He engages completely with the urban world with a translucent poetry. His work arrives at us through a kind of lucid social violence. No one has blended language, form and light in such a direct way.”
Dane Weatherman, Black & Blue Journal



Seulgi Kang’s delicacy of work belies our innermost fears of want and the human condition, showing life’s breath separated by a membrane from nature and life itself, how we touch, feel and breath our thoughts in what is the human spirit manifested in man against the eternal, which is just one and a slight trope represented in her devastatingly honest works. They show the recurrence of fragility in belief and emotion, it’s ‘all’, yet separated, to come back, again and again but gone in an instance. Energies are expressed exhaustively delicate and precarious but to ultimately end up futile and gone, to mean nothing, or, however, we can question and hopefully from this questioning we look to find ourselves and truth.

Seulgi Klang, born in South Korea and based in London, video and performance artist, Chelsea College of Art, 2016.


Automaton – Projected as installation

Partly inspired by Boccioni’s 1913 'Development of a Bottle in Space' and Orson Welles 'Touch of Evil' – First exhibited at Tate Britain as part of

Single Shot’ in 2006.

Sean Dower produces works in sculpture, photography, film, live performance and sound. Much of his work draws on his historical involvement in live performance.

Dower was active in the UK, industrial music scene of the early 1980s and then worked with the radical performance art group Bow Gamelan Ensemble. He studied Sculpture at Camberwell School of Art and Design and then attended the Rijksakademie van Beeldenden Kunsten in Amsterdam. He has been presenting his work internationally in galleries, museums and other contexts since the early 1990’s and has been engaged in music and live performance since 1983.

’BREAKDOWN IN THE BLACKWALL TUNNEL’ is a short hypnotic film inspired by a thrice weekly commute through the Blackwall tunnel to Chatham Dockyard, where Reding attended The SCHOOL OF MUSIC AND FINE ART in 2015. The films soundtrack is a scratched John Fahey track ‘Some Summer Day’ which is unrecognisable accept for the songs conclusion, when the track resets and plays normally. The audio was recorded from the car stereo using an iPhone whilst travelling through the tunnel.


Reding selects from his archive of personal images and video, with which he repetitively weaves to the scratched tracks almost perfect twelve beat. Reding accepts artists working comparably like Bruce Conners sharp and fast movie assemblages or Burroughs cut up techniques. The work is accompanied with photographic prints and a book of selected images from his short film.

Art Night

Art Night 2017 will see London’s East End transformed with free art and music by some of the world’s leading artists for the night of Saturday 1 July 2017 . Audiences will be able to experience a trail of art, architecture, dance, design and music throughout the night. Art Night 2017 is in collaboration with the Whitechapel Gallery and curated by independent curator and writer Fatoş Üstek. The festival is generously supported by international auction house Phillips.

Art Night 2017, a collaboration with Whitechapel Gallery, curated by Fatos Üstek.

Supported by international auction house Phillips


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