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The fourth in the series of exhibitions featuring cross-disciplinary works.

LIMINALITY is a process in ritual transition; the passage or middle stage of the 'rite de passage' where an individual or a collective makes a passage through a transitional phase in their lives.

The passage can be a trial or performance or an actual passage. The participant would go through a 'threshold' that marks the boundary between two other phases of transition - Separation on one side and Re-aggregation on the other.


Phill Wilson-Perkin, creates sculpture, sound recordings and performances. Exploring aesthetics used in bolstering cultural systems. He examines how these are adoption or vilified through cultural tropes and institutional frameworks

MegaBoomBox 2011-2018

Wax, cabinet parts and plastic bowls

Architecture was a main focus point for the MegaBoomBox sculptures. Comparing rituals and acoustic architecture found in European churches, architecture that, whilst working with an organ or choir they are able to produce notes beyond normal hearing, resulting in a more sublimely physical effect, with the similar phenomenon obtained in the contemporary, and often hand built architecture of Dub sound systems. The speakers body having been recast in wax, drawing comparisons between the modern and older ritualistic uses and sublime acoustic techniques.


'Who’s Afraid Of Red, White and Black?', 2017

20min 03sec


Take heed of these piecemeal

Fragments on cheapest

Ivourine pulp – for they

Are not what they seem


Set for childish paw.

Wrenched from unkempt scribble

Instead to follow by dint of dot-to-dot -

The hint of puppy lassoed by number.

Or drifting doe-eye and policeman’s

Out-of-body smile – calmed by

Kruskal–Szekeres coordinates or

Reconciling to paternal gravity

The biddable Euclidean outlines

Of a preferred world achieved,

Once all things hankering and rampant

In the indilute chaos of

Kack-handed cacography

Succumbs to the ligature

Of non-toxic crayon

To obediently follow the dots

To reveal – as a sculptor



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