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LOVE 16.5

love by Mert Alas

Featuring Madonna

Cao Fei shot by Boo George

Sponsored by Marc Jacobs 

Angels of Concrete

Photographer MERT ALAS


I have become very intrigued by the new generation of kids

I witnessed rising up in Berlin, Russia, the UK and the USA.

At rst they gave me the impression of skinhead punks but they embody so much more! They have substance, sensitivity, creativity and personal, inimitable style.

These are cool kids who create music, poetry and art.

I guess the fascination was the genesis of this project!

I wanted to capture not just their style but the liberated sensibility that it represents and the meaning behind it.

It is not just aesthetics but a visceral effect on life as its lived in the real world.

Urban lights always expose everything. Here, see the angels ying! Angels of concrete.

Mert Alas, 2016

Just Cool


Photographer BOO GEORGE
Fashion Editor STEVE MORRISS


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